The Club has a very active Club Night – Thursday of each week. On Club night we offer raffles ranging from meat packs, lamb legs, large chickens, roast meat & veg trays, grocery hampers and, in season, oysters & whitebait. All raffles are $2.00 per ticket and have 50 tickets. On sale from 4.30pm.

The Club allow our sections to take their turn and run the raffles nights as a fundraiser. This has become very popular for our sections and a great easy way to build up section funds. The Club Committee also take their turn at running raffle nights. Thursday is the main raffle night, however, we do have raffles available Friday and Saturday nights also. On sale from 5.30pm.

Outdoor Bowls

Our Club has a keen relationship with both the Cromwell Bowls Club and The Bannockburn Bowls Club. The Club hosts a Cromwell T & C Bowls invitation tournament every year in November. This tournament attracts 16 teams from around the area and is always a fun day for the Club and players. The Club regularly enters in 3 other tournaments per year and has won the CNZ Otago Southland Outdoor Bowls Tournament twice in the last five years.

Christmas Party

Christmas time at the Club The past 4 or five years has offered a children’s Christmas party where our members are invited to bring along their children and grandchildren 15 years and younger. The club makes sure Santa has a parcel for all registered, children style buffet with fairy bread, chicken nuggets, lollies, fizz etc etc. Later that night we invite the adults, “Members only” back to the club for a BBQ, the club will shout the BBQ meal and the members purchase their own drinks. Both events are the Committee & Managements way of thanking our members for their support throughout the year

Members Draw

Members Draw Also, on Club Night the Club has a Members draw. This always starts at $500.00 and jackpots by $100 every week until it is struck. This is capped at $1,500.00. When the jackpot has reached $1,500.00 it will sit at that value for five weeks, if it still has not been struck the following week the draw must be won.  All you have to do is be a member of the Club and be in the Club on Thursday night to win. On a regular night we will draw one number using your membership number base to find a winner. If that member is in the Club, they will win the money, if not, it will jackpot. On the must go night we will again draw a member number, if not here we will draw another and so on until we find a winner.

Punters Club

Unfortunately, our Club doesn’t have a TAB service, but that has not stopped a few of our members from having a weekly punt. This costs them $5.00 per week. The group take turns at gambling $50.00 on the race or sport of their choice with the main objective to return the most money back to the group as possible. At the end of the round the group have the choice of leaving their money in or taking it running, at this time new punters may enter. This is always great fun and creates an interest around the Club.  Who knows the Racing Board may give us a TAB Service in the future?


We have recently offered a pool night to our members. This has been a bit of a struggle to get players on a regular basis. Currently the guys meet on a Saturday evening 5.30pm. This day and time has changed a number of times in an attempt to get interest. If you are a keen pool player and would like to be a part of the group or even help grow the group, please contact us.


Golf is another section that we have struggled to get interest in. We would like to create a relationship with the local Golf Club with a social golf day once a month, however we could not get the interest. On a positive side, we did have a team of four enter in the CNZ South Island Men’s Golf Tournament January 2020. The boys did not end up in the prizes but had a great weekend and more importantly helped to get the Cromwell T & C name out there. If you are interested in playing Golf, whether it be social or competitive, we would like to talk to you and see if we can get something more regular going.


The Club holds an annual Fishing Competition every year on the 2nd January. This event has 100-200 entries every year. The prizes have gotten better year on year ranging from kids kayaks to a ride on lawn mower. It is such a great day out for all involved.

Whisky Nights

Our Whisky Club nights are run in very much the same way as our Wine Club evenings. We have Neil Taylor the Whisky Man showcase 4 different whiskeys each night. This is normally a winter event and will cost $25.00 per person. This covers the cost of the tasting whisky and Neil’s time. The whisky that Neil showcases is a whisky that you would not normally find on the shelf at Liquorland or Super Liquor and would normally be classed as mid to high range.5

Rugby Picking

The Club runs a Super Rugby picking comp every year, this costs you $10.00 per week, and entitles you to a pint of tap beer, glass of house wine or a 12 oz of tap cider as well as your picks for the week. All we ask is that you pick the winning team of each game before 7 pm on the Friday night. At the end of the season there is always the prize giving where every player will receive a prize. The top prizes are cash, and can be up to $1,000. 

Spud in a Bucket

The Club runs a Spud in a Bucket Competition, normally selling late September or early October. Members will purchase a bucket and a seed potato, they will then take it away and do the best they can to grow the biggest crop they can. The week before Christmas is our Prize giving. Members will then bring their crop, “still in the bucket” to be weighed in. there is prizes for heaviest crop, heaviest potato, best themed bucket/potato and a booby prize. All potatoes get auctioned after weigh in.

Cromwell Country Music Club

The first Sunday of each month, the local Country Music club sets up a free show from 2pm to approx. 6 pm. This show is open to anyone, however, we are limited to who we can sell alcohol to as per the Club licence section on this web site. The Country Music group always have a guest country artist as well as local country entertainers. If you enjoy live country music, this is a free show that always attracts a good crowd, therefore ensuring a great afternoon of free entertainment.