Notice to all Members, Affiliated Members & Members Guest’s

The Coronavirus is a concern to all of us, our main consideration is the wellbeing of all Members and Guest’s, therefore if you think that you have contracted the Virus, feeling unwell, been in contact with someone who has contracted the virus, we suggest you get yourself tested immediately and PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE CLUB.

The Club management is continuously assessing the situation, taking advice from our governing body, Clubs New Zealand and following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and other agencies.

Please take the necessary precautions, WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN, Hand sanitiser will be supplied as soon as we can get some, it is recommended to refrain from congregating in large groups, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing it is recommended you di this into your elbow, don’t touch your eyes or mouth and most of all, WASH YOUR HANDS! did I mention that?

Look after each other, if you have noticed someone has been absent for a time, contact them to ensure they are safe & healthy. If you can’t reach someone, please contact a family member or friend and ask them to check up on them.

The Coronavirus may impact on our staff, they may have to take time off or have to self-isolate, this may cause staff levels to be low, so please be patient with the staff that are still able to work, They will be doing their best to keep our Club operational.

As mentioned, the Club will be following the guidelines to ensure our members wellbeing and safety remains our main concern, we will be considering any recommendations, this may include the temporary closure of the club with little or no notice.

Stay safe

Club Management