Cromwell  Town & Country Club



Open 5.30pm Thursday - Saturday


Kids’ Corner


Fish Bites with Fries      $7.50


Chicken Nuggets with Fries     $7.50


Mini Hot Dogs with Fries     $7.50


Mini Mix with Fries      $7.50

A Selection of Fish Bites, Chicken Nuggets & Hotdogs


Kids Cheese Burger with Fries    $7.50

Grilled Meat Pattie with Cheese & Tomato Sauce


Roast of the Day      $8.00


Kids Ice Cream Sundae     $4.00




Garlic Bread  Half Serve   $5.50

Full Serve   $8.00


Deb’s Chicken Pieces    $8.50

Better than KFC, topped with Plum Sauce


Honey & Ginger Fish Strips   $8.50

Battered Fish topped with a Honey & Ginger Sauce


Lemon Pepper Squid    $9.00

Lemon Pepper Crumbed Squid Rings served with

 a Tartare flavoured Aioli



Main Meals


Blue Cod     $29.00 or ½ size $22.00

Beer Battered Blue Cod served with Fries, Salad, Lemon & Tartare Sauce


Rib-eye Steak         $29.00

300gm Rib-eye Steak served with Fries & Salad, topped with your choice of Garlic Butter, Mushroom or Pepper Sauce


Roast of the Day    $19.00 or ½ size $15.00

Served with all the favourite Trimmings


Rolled Roast Chicken     $23.00

Boned & Rolled Chicken stuffed with Stuffing, Cream Cheese & Spinach, topped with Gravy and served with Salad & Fries


Pork Schnitzel      $23.00

Pork Rib-eye Crumbed with Fresh Herb Crumb, topped with Gravy & served with Fries & Salad


Schnitzel Beef      $23.00

Beef Schnitzel topped with Gravy & served with Salad & Fries


Mixed Grill      $26.00

150gm Rib-eye Steak, Sausage, Bacon, Grilled Tomato & 2 Eggs with Fries


Salmon Salad       $28.00

Grilled Salmon steak resting on Salad Greens and topped with

 Hollandaise Sauce


Chicken Salad      $22.00

Deb’s Chicken Pieces resting on Salad Greens



Snack Meals


Beef Burger       $15.00

Grilled Beef Pattie with Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Relish & Mayonnaise, served with Fries


Chicken Burger     $15.00

Chicken Pieces with Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Relish & Mayonnaise, served with Fries


Fish Burger       $17.00

Battered Snapper with Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Relish & Mayonnaise, served with Fries


Steak Burger      $17.00

Grilled Steak with Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Relish & Mayonnaise, served with Fries


Blue Cod Basket    One $20.00 or Two $39.00

Beer Battered Blue Cod Fillet served with Chips, Lemon & Tartare Sauce


Battered Snapper Basket   One $20.00 or Two $30.00

Battered Snapper Fillet served with Chips, Lemon & Tartare Sauce


Crumbed Scallop Basket   One $20.00 or Two $39.00

Crumbed Scallops served with Fries, Lemon & Tartare Sauce


Seafood Basket    One $20.00 or Two $39.00

Deep Fried Seafood Selection served with Fries, Lemon & Tartare Sauce


Club Basket     One $16.00 or Two $30.00

Deep Fried Selection served with Fries


Fries $5.00   Fries & Gravy $6.00




Ice Cream Sundae     $7.00

Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel


Home Baked Individual Pavlova   $8.00

With a Selection of Berries & Cream


Mixed Berry Parfait    $8.00

A Selection of Berries served with Ice Cream & Cream


Home Baked Banoffee Pie   $8.00

Banoffee slice topped with fresh Bananas, Cream & Chocolate Sprinkles


Friday Lunch menu


1 Course $14.00 or


2 course $19.00  Available from 12pm till 1.30pm



Roast of the Day

Beef Burger & Fries

Blue Cod, Salad & Fries

Cooked Breakfast

Ribeye Steak, Salad & Fries

Chicken Salad Crispy Chicken, Salad & Fries  Pork Schnitzel, Salad & Fries

Ice Cream Sundae   Pavlova & Fruit Salad

Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel




Please feel free to have a cup of Tea or Coffee from our Coffee Table


We are able to accommodate small functions, if you are interested please talk to Neil or email him at





Comfort, great food,  good people and great hospitality

Cromwell Town and Country Club

32 Melmore Tce.

Cromwell 9310

Phone (03) 445 1169

Mob 027 5177 178


If you want more information on joining the club send you details here

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