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President - Managers’ Report 2016 AGM


We would like to start by thanking our staff, “Debbie”; you have kept our members and guests happy with your tasty home cooked meals. The kitchen income just keeps improving and we appreciate your dedication, we have managed to make Printers Bay Restaurant one of the best places to dine in Cromwell.

Unfortunately we said goodbye to Amanda, but again her dedication in organising the bar was most appreciated. We did however get to welcome Nicola as Amanda’s replacement; Nicola has stepped in and up to the roll without issue. Nicola took over the role of Acting Manager while Neil had 3 weeks away; she was faced with a few problems, but has come out the other side without issue. “Nicola” thank you for your dedication and willingness to take over after a short time with us.  All other staff, we cannot do it without you, so a huge thank you to you all.


Thank you to the 2015/16 committee, we both have enjoyed working with you, the past year has flown by, in saying that, we have achieved a lot, we have made a number of improvements to the club, such as New Curtains, New Gaming Room Chairs, Recovered the Stools in our Main Lounge, and we are well on the way with our extensions to the kitchen.

As mentioned earlier, the year has gone very fast, we have had ups and downs; possibly the biggest negative for me was the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) Audit, this took approximately 100 hours of Neils time and probably more than a ream of paper. You may or may not be aware, but there are very strict guidelines with all aspects of gaming, including banking and spending gaming money.  When the DIA auditor arrived, he was very happy with our gaming room, our procedures, banking our gaming money, our harm minimisation procedures, but when it came to our gaming money being spent and / or distributed, our procedures were very wrong. Neil is happy to put his hand up and take on some of this responsibility, but mostly the club was working on the advice of a paid professional in which was incorrect. This professional is no longer employed by the club however we think that he was also getting bad advice. Neil questioned our procedures a number of times during the past year or so, but was always reassured that we were okay. We are now on the other side of the Audit, we do have a follow up audit in 3 months’ time and when we have passed this we should be okay, I am sure however the DIA will be keeping a close eye for a while.

On the positive side, in Neil’s last year’s report he mentioned we had approx. 1100 members, up from a little over 900 the previous year, unfortunately for whatever reason we lost approx. 200 at last years membership renewal time. This year I am happy to say we have managed to recover and pass the 200 members we lost, we “as of August” have 1230 members



We am still surprised at the amount of negativity within the club, there seems to a small handful of people that have no interest in our club growing. We understand that these people have been involved and supported the club for a long time, therefore has made the club into what it is today, but these people are not going to be here forever, in our opinion we have to future proof the club now, this may mean our older members may not like different or new people sitting at their table, or the odd function being held in our clubrooms. Every member is entitled to the same benefits as everyone else “new or old” and for every dollar spent by a new member or a function, is a dollar that others do not have to find to keep the doors open. We are also getting comments about our prices, if it costs more for the club to purchase, then surely the club can charge you more to drink it! If we didn’t and we go backwards, are the people that complained going to stand up and take responsibility? “I think not” they will point the finger in our direction.                                                                                  It is Neils objective “and has been for some years now” to do everything that is his opinion will benefit all of the club and our members.

 The club should be a place for members and visitors to come relax and enjoy the comradeship of fellow members.

Neil would like to repeat his final comment from last year’s report. The members choose a committee from a list of members that are willing to give up their own time and help him drive the club forward and ensure the club continues to grow, we should let them get on and do this, however if there is an issue that you feel strongly about, there are procedures in place, Neil is only too happy to help point you in the right direction should the occasion arise, Please do not sit around and run the place down, especially outside of our club, as this will never help our club grow.



Russell Braden    Neil McDowall

President 2015- 16    Secretary Managers

Cromwell Town & Country Club




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Cromwell Town and Country Club

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